Pabrik Kelapa Sawit, KEK Sei Mangkei, Simalungun, Pengahasil minyak sawit, minyak kelapa sawit, Palm oil, Kernel oil, CPO, Bio Diesel, Biomass, Biofuel. Berbicara masalah pertanian di INDONESIA, kendala utama nya adalah pemilikan lahan oleh petani kita. Petani yang memiliki lahan tanah sendiri di Indonesia tidak banyak. Dan yang hanya dimiliki oleh para petani juga rata-rata hanya sekitar 0,3 hektar saja, yang jelas ini tidak optimal, bahkan tidak mencukupi hasilnya guna memperoleh tingkat hidup yang sebagaimana mestinya.

Crude Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil

Crude Palm Oil (CPO) and Palm Kernel Oil (PKO). The Company’s own plantations provide approximately 20% of the fruit processed by three Univanich factories, with the balance provided by more than 1,000 small and medium sized out-grower farmers.

Crude Palm Oil and Palm Kernel OilThe Univanich production process starts with our oil palm breeding programme and seed production unit. High quality hybrid oil palm seedlings are produced for our own plantings or for sale to our farmer suppliers. After careful selection in the Company’s nurseries, seedlings are ready for planting at around the age of 10 to 12 months.

Crude Palm Oil and Palm Kernel OilUnivanich hybrid oil palm seed is produced by cross pollinating pedigree Dura and Pisifera parent palms which have been collected over 30 years from leading breeding programmes around the world. To ensure high yields in Thailand’s growing conditions the progeny of these parent palms have been extensively tested in field trials to select the best hybrid crosses.

Crude Palm Oil and Palm Kernel OilGerminated Univanich oil palm seeds for overseas customers are carefully packaged in cartons of 4,000 seeds each and are dispatched by airfreight from Phuket international airport.

Crude Palm Oil and Palm Kernel OilSince 1992 Univanich has been progressively replanting with a new generation of high yielding palms. Pictured here are typical 18 month old Univanich oil palms. Harvesting will commence 28 months from planting.

Crude Palm Oil and Palm Kernel OilBy age 7 years the young palms have reached full maturity. Fruit bunches like these ripen and are harvested throughout the year, to provide a continuous supply of fruit.

Crude Palm Oil and Palm Kernel OilMechanisation features throughout the Univanich plantation operations, from collection of the fruit bunches in the field, to their transport to the factories by crane lorries or portable transport bins.

Crude Palm Oil and Palm Kernel OilThe Company’s newest factory, with initial capacity of 45 tonnes fruit per hour, was completed in the 4th Quarter of 2004. This factory is designed for expansion to 90 tonnes of fruit per hour as more young palms come into production in the Krabi area.
In 2005, the Company also increased its Palm Kernel crushing capacity to produce approximately 1,500 tonnes of palm kernel oil each month.

Crude Palm Oil and Palm Kernel OilCrude Palm Oil (CPO) and Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) is despatched from Univanich factories by road tankers. These tankers deliver our products to customers in Bangkok or for export from our deep-water wharf at the nearby port of Krabi on the Andaman Sea.

Crude Palm Oil and Palm Kernel OilUnivanich is proud to be a supplier of raw materials to leading international manufacturers of a wide range of palm based products, including cooking oils, margarines, snack foods, dairy substitutes, soaps and cosmetics.

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